Friday, March 11, 2011

Git R Done

I've forgotten how much I love to be busy. But I have noticed one thing; I like to be busy with just a little bit of free time.

I get so much more accomplished when I have a bit of free time mixed in with my busy.
I managed to take down curtains, wash and dry them and get them back up on the same day. I also cleaned off the kitchen table- it had taken on clutter of gigantic proportions. I managed to finish decoupaging the mirror I started four months ago.

I then hung the new sign Grau and I purchased for the downstairs bathroom. We are going with a theme in this little potty....hahah.

Grau and I also went to one of his co-workers places....we searched and found three old doors. I would post pics of them, but they are still loaded into Grau's vehicle.
One is an old white door which I will turn into a headboard. The second is a half-style door (vertically half, not horizontally) that I will use for either a footboard, or make a cool overhead shelf. The third I am really excited about- it's an old exterior door, solid wood, with a half-moon glass panel(s) at the top, an old escutcheon panel, knob and key! and the door is red. That I will add a cabinet door or smaller door (horizontally) along with some old spindles and table legs I picked up months will be a background piece, near the corner in our bedroom. I plan to add some old wall lamps (candles). This picture is of something similar, but not exact. (Of course you know I have to put my own spin on things, right?) My door only has a half-moon opening at the top- and I refuse to put one of those 'awnings' over the top. ewww.

Anyway- I have been really excited about all the projects I have going on....even my shoes- yes, I have not forgot about making shoes. I have the lasts made, but am finding it hard to find the leather, or the money. Usually I have one or the other, but not both at the same time! lol

Oh- and I went to my favorite wine store today and picked up a couple tasty treats! Yeah, heaven could not be closer than it was today! Well, maybe if I win the lottery.