Thursday, August 23, 2012

Humps, Slumps, and Dips

I bought a 4" mattress topper the other day. A good one. (And those things aren't exactly cheap!)
You know the kind- with the memory foam top?
I mean, honestly, if we are going into armegeddon, I want to at least sleep in style. Am I right?

We really need a new mattress. Ours sags and is just horrible to sleep on. We already have three foam egg-crate cushions on the top of our mattress. And the bed *still* sucks.  But I don't get as many work hours as I used to and cannot afford to purchase a new bed just yet, or even a good mattress itself. And I have credit cards, but I don't want to add debt when my hours are reduced. No, it's pay now or not get one at all. I'm patient. I win slow. But I win. And I like to do it without incurring debt.

Anyway- I figured, a topper is half the price of a low-end mattress. We'll try that first. If it fixes the icky bed problem, yay. If it doesn't, we'll buy a medium-end mattress and stick it on top. Either way, it's less money out of pocket for me.

Well, I had it mailed to me because really, I hate shopping. I hate going into stores (any store) and people being rude, or leaving carts in the way, or blocking your movement, or you can't find a salesperson let alone a knowledgeable salesperson.
No, it's just easier to purchase online.
So I did.

The topper arrived yesterday.
The thing was folded in half, rolled up and shoved inside a plastic bag and vacuum sealed.
I played hell getting into it. Most outer layers had to be cut off and that required not cutting into the topper.
Did I mention I can't be trusted with scissors?

So, I get it all opened up, unraveled, and spread out on the bed. Except it's not 4". It's maybe 1" and I thought, 'I really hope this thing expands because of the vacuum seal!'

I left it while I went to school for the day. When I got home last night, it indeed had expanded to the prerequisite 4" and I was happy.

Grau and I made the bed...and I noticed that the new topper has a distinct smell to it. I am assuming the smell will eventually go away....but I looked at Grau and said,

Do you smell the topper?

Grau- Yeah. Weird.

Me- You know what that smell reminds me of?

Grau- No...

Me- When we had the 10' Boa Constrictor, and she would shed her skin, her shed smelled just like that!

Grau- Well, that's not creepy at all....

Still, last night was a great sleep.
I didn't roll over as much as I usually do. I think just three or four times as opposed to 15 or 20 times.
And Grau's knees didn't hurt.
But Grau said he felt like he was going to fall off the bed all night.

And this morning I look and realize why....the topper shifted and was hanging over his side of the bed by about 2" !! LOL

Now, to figure out how to stop that from happening and I think we're all set for armageddon in style!


  1. I remember a short time ago before we got our current mattress our old one had gotten so bad, with springs sticking through and everything, that we were reduced to couches and air mattresses. Being poor sucks.

  2. You can buy things to hook onto corners of sheets to make them stay in place. I think they're called Stays. (Heh. Coincidental? I think not.) If you go and google sheet stays you'll see what I mean. (The link is ugly. Just google it.) I suspect you can make something that does the same. That second link says sheet suspenders. But all you need are those alligator clippy things to attach to something stretchy. And I only suggest the making thing because you're handy. You just need a super duper sturdy one because you're trying to get a 4" mattress to stay. I'll keep thinking. (Lucky you...)

  3. I know about the mattress 'suspenders' kinda things. I told Grau about them.

    And yes, Dave, being poor does suck. The bills get paid, but there's not much left for extras.

  4. Love mattress toppers, don't think we could sleep in our old bed without one! Ours is only about an inch thick, though... would love one with memory foam!

  5. I did my due diligence (as always), and found comparable 4" toppers at several locations (online, of course).
    Then I checked manufacturers and price.

    Believe it or not, Wally World (which I hate) had the lowest price, and I got a 20% discount.