Sunday, January 29, 2017

Boston Eclair Cake Goodness

First, let me say this is NOT my recipe.  It comes from here.
But it is a fabulous recipe! OHMYGIDDYAUNT is this delicious.
But I warn you....more than one piece and you might go into diabetic coma.

And easy? Did I mention this was easy? Yes, it is...a tad time really need about an hour, plus time to refrigerate...about an hour and a half total. Not long in the grand scheme of things.

But it's still easy!

If you want a breathtaking dessert to bring to a potluck, or to wow your boss when you have her over for dinner? This is it. Trust me.

Monday, January 16, 2017

I Am Only One

It occurred to me...that people only see things one sided. Their side.
But there is so much more to life, to vision, to this big, big, world in which we live.

There are more than two sides to everything.
Top and bottom. Yes. But there's also left and right.
Black and white. Yes. But there's also gray.
Up and down. Yes. But there's also sideways.
Water can be hot, cold, frozen, wet, dry, vapor gas, or steam.
One way isn't the only way.

Sunday, January 8, 2017

Healthy Cooking

I've been a registered user of Mealime for a few months. Let me tell you, I love this site.  You can choose the number of meals/recipes you want to cook in a week, as well as narrowing down the types of meals you want.

Vegetarian? No problem.
Classic meat-based meals? Got it.
Lots of fish? Swim on down.
Paleo? Bring it on!

You can specify your allergies and restrictions, the number of persons eating, and the can tell them the foods you DON'T like.

You get a picture of the finished product, an interactive grocery list where you can check off items you already have, and a recipe guide.

And you get this all for free!

You can join for $6 a month ($4 if you pay $50 at once for the year), and you get even more benefits like calorie and nutritional information, build meal plans from your favorite recipes, etc.

Here's a sample, simple meal of chicken and carrots:

You should try it. You've got nothing to lose, and if you DO like it, join!

(and no, I am not being paid to advertise Mealime. I just love it!)

Friday, January 6, 2017

Southern Ice and Northern Fire

Like most people, it's fun to laugh at southern drivers in inclement weather. It's like watching a toddler who just learned how to walk try to run, not understanding why he's suddenly face-down on the floor.

I live in the north. Today, it happens to be a temperature of -1 and the windchill is -15 (which is technically the temperature that matters because that's what you FEEL when you are outside). We haven't had snow in a month. That's unusual. Winters here are normally more snowy than this season has been. When we do get snow, it's 3 or 4 inches two or three times a week, or 7-12 inches all at once.

And you know what? This southern California-raised girl loves it. I love snow. Always have. And now that I live in the north, I want more snow.

The north has snow removal down to an art. It's awesome. Get 10" on Sunday night, main roads are plowed and you still have to go to work on Monday morning. It is just how it is. If it weren't this way, the northern states would close from Thanksgiving to the Spring equinox. But,

Thursday, January 5, 2017

Why You Should Stop Copy & Pasting Posts on Facebook

Why you should 'share' the post, and stop copy & pasting posts:

Many viral hoaxes explicitly tell you NOT to share the message, but specifically instruct you to copy and paste it to your status.

The answer is that by copying and pasting a message, you are creating another instance of the message that is not dependant on the original.

So, for example, if 5000 people share a message by clicking Share, and for some reason that original message was removed (for example, deleted by Facebook for being fake!) then all those 5000 “shares” will vanish, at the click of a mouse. To surmise, if the original post being shared is removed, so does all of its shares.

The same doesn’t apply if you copy and paste a message, then post it. If 5000 people copy and paste a message to their own timeline, and the original gets removed, you still have 4999 instances of the message remaining on Facebook, since they are all separate posts, independent of each other.

Do everyone a favor- help cut down on spam, hoaxes, fake news, etc simply by SHARING the post, instead of copy/paste - that way, when a post is marked/reported as spam/hoax/etc and gets deleted, they ALL get deleted.

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