Monday, January 30, 2012

Excellent Weekend

I will tell you, I love having a man that loves to do things. I don't mean on his own or only things he likes. No. I mean I have a man that loves to DO things. He thinks of others. He thinks of me. He thinks of things he'd like to do that will be interesting to try, to make, to accomplish. (Did I mention that I woke Sunday morning to a clean kitchen, too? Yeah, *love* that man!)

That is absolutely fascinating and fabulous to me.

Last weekend was awesome. We had the boys- who *love* my cooking- so I made something simple Friday (cheese ravioli) and waited until Sunday to make something a bit more labor intensive (but not difficult). I made Parmesan Chicken Stromboli.

Sunday, January 29, 2012

How Richmond's Lunch Prevented Me From Doing Homework

I paused my Word document titled, 'SOTU Rebuttal with Facts' to grab some lunch. Ah, ham., swiss and crusty Italian bread make a great panini.
Lunch finished, I thought I would check FB for just a quick minute (famous last words) and then get back to my SOTU Rebuttal for my liberal, left-wing Business instructor to blow a gasket when I read it aloud in class.

Except, Richmond posted something about today being a bacon cheeseburger kind of day....which lead to me remembering a picture on Pinterest I'd seen earlier of a pig on a cow.

So I went to pinterest to find the picture and post on her FB wall.

Except I couldn't find the picture any longer.

So I went to Google to find the picture.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Random Love Letter

To my love-
I love so many things about you.

I love how you leave the last cracker for me. Or the last piece of bread. Or the last anything.
I love how you will go to the store- for milk. For tampons. For bread. For chocolate. Whatever I ask for.
I love your smart, quick wit.
I love how you look at me when my hair is a mess.
I love that you ask for a honey-do list.
I love that you leave me love notes.
Or bring me chocolate.
Or club soda.
Or Wendy's.
I love that you work hard with your hands AND your brain.
I love that you love your kids.
I love that you accept mine.
I love that you hate to see me in pain.
And do whatever you can to help.
I love that we are partners in our relationship. Making decisions together.
I love that you will give me your coat when I stubbornly refuse to wear mine.
I love how you block the cold wind for me.
And how you laugh at me when I park Baby at the end of the aisle.
I love that you like to go to bookstores.
And antique stores.
And the forest preserve.
I love how you learn new things constantly.
And share them with me.
I love that you always tell me the truth.
No matter what.
I love how you try to be as gentle as possible when you disagree with me.
I love how you care about my feelings and treat me as an equal.
I love that you are my teddy bear.
And how you will fiercely protect me.
With deadly force if necessary.
I love how I feel when I am with you. Safe. Protected. Loved. Cherished.
Yet independent.

So, if I should die before you, I just wanted to let you know-
How much your love means to me. I've never had a partner that treats me with as much respect and caring as you do. I am forever grateful. And in awe. And in love.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Pay It Forward

Someone started a meme on FB about paying it forward in 2012 with handmade crafts for five people.

Silly me, I opted in on a friends post, then posted the rules to my own page. I reached the 5 takers almost immediately, with a couple late entries. So, being who and how I am, I said I would go ahead and make them something, too.

And I started thinking about it- I love that I have so many friends, true friends, that love me.
I don't think the friends I have now can be manipulated into not speaking to me again like some in my past.
And knowing this, knowing I have good friends that I trust and that trust me, it's the best feeling in the world.

How awesome is that?

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Zombie Bees

Just in case anyone wondered if zombies are real...I can tell you, it's started. And like most things, it's starting in the insect world.

"Zombie" Fly Parasite Killing Honeybees

Good thing we're stocking up for the upcoming apocalypse. Maybe the world will end before humans become zombies?

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Hand Lotion Experiment

I've been into making things myself lately. I've made liquid hand soap (and the adapted mason jar it's contained in), liquid laundry soap, powder laundry soap, Vanilla syrup, lime syrup (great for making limeades!), deodorant (it's still curing so I have no idea if pits will stay fresh!), candles, kids (writing) glycerin soap, vanilla sugar, and so much more.
This doesn't include the experiments in the kitchen with food....but we won't go into that.

My latest endeavor is hand lotion.
It came out like it was supposed to. But I do not like the's too.....greasy. Maybe that's not the right word. Too oily. After all, it is an organic lotion, no preservatives and made with olive oil.
I do think the next time I attempt this, I will use less olive oil and more beeswax.
For now- this is what I used: