Thursday, November 11, 2010


As many of you know, Grau and I adopted a kitty. The previous owners called him Lily, before they knew it was a boy. They said Lily never really answered to his name.
Hmmm, wonder why?

So, about two weeks ago (three this Saturday), we drove to the next town over and picked up Lily.
He hyperventilated in the van on the way home....literally. Mouth open, heavy breathing, panting like a dog. He emitted only a few gutteral meows. I did keep my hand inside the travel carrier petting him on the way home....I think he appreciated that.

So, we've had this cat not quite three weeks. We changed his name, as I mentioned to Cal Techgirl whose friend inspired kitty's new name....his name is Askhim. What should we call him? I don't know, let's ask him!

He took to his new name right away. He actually comes when you call him! He understands what NO means. He must follow me from room to room, like a dog. And when Grau gets home at night, Askhim goes downstairs to say hello and play before coming back up to bed. It's adorable.

Askhim is pure-bred dork cat. He doesn't lie down, he flops like a dog. He follows you from room to room, like a dog. He 'sits pretty' to get a treat, like a dog. He is definitely a good fit for our little family.

The week before we got Askhim, Grau and I saw an adorable cat in the forest preserve....skittish and alone, with no collar or apparent owner. We went back with tuna fish to try and capture it. No luck...and when I came across Askhim, it is apparent why- we were meant to have Askhim.

Everything happens for a reason.
Askhim was ours. :)


  1. Askhim - sounds vaguely Indian. Does he like curry?

  2. Heh, nope, French Fries and blood off liver...but not curry. :)