Saturday, September 27, 2014

No Soy No Gluten Cashew Chicken

Being on the Whole30 bandwagon has really opened our eyes to how much sugar, soy or corn they put in ALL the pre-processed foods out on the market today. And if you have a gluten intolerance? well, good luck to you...that's hard!
And being on Whole 30, soy, sugar and corn are all No-No's....along with no legumes, dairy, alcohol and grain products. It's fairly restrictive. But you know what? We feel better. We actually *feel* better.  There is a noticeable difference in our skin, joints, and general demeanor.

But- you don't have to be on the Whole30 (or Paleo) bandwagon to enjoy this soy-free cashew chicken dinner. It's really tasty without msg, soy or preservatives and fillers.
Just wholesome, good stuff.

So, how does one make cashew chicken without soy? Easy. Coconut.
Did I lose you? I tend to lose everyone once I say coconut. I guess many people have this aversion to coconut flakes or what-not. This? This however, is a coconut miracle. Or amino. Take your pick. It's still good, and it works like a charm. Read on for the miracle that is my cashew chicken!

No Soy No Gluten Cashew Chicken

*1                   Chicken breast, sliced paper thin
*1/4 cup         Coconut Aminos (I found mine here. Of course, I went to the local store. I didn't            Divided         order it online....I'm cheap and didn't want to pay shipping charges!)
*1/8 cup         Light Olive Oil
*1 cup            Fresh broccoli, cut up as you like.
*1/2 cup         Cashews (halves and whole)
*3 Tbs           Arrowroot Powder (found here, or Bob's Red Mill has some too.)

What I did:
I did slice my chicken paper thin since chicken plumps up when you cook it. Cut yours however you wish. I just tried making mine look like the Chinese places' around the corner.
I placed my cut chicken in a plastic baggie, added half the amount coconut aminos (1/8 cup) and all the oil, then let it marinate in the fridge all day. Mostly because I was doing calculus homework and forgot about it.

When the time comes and you realize everyone in your house is starving,  add a little water to a large wok or frying pan, medium heat.
Add the Broccoli and cook/steam until almost done.
Add the chicken...just dump chicken contents of the bag right in to the wok/pan. Quickly stir fry it. You should have a fair amount of liquid in the pan. If not you can always add a dash of water.
Sprinkle the arrowroot powder over the chicken and stir well.
Add the remaining coconut aminos sparingly until you get a nice sauce going.
Just before serving, add the cashews, stirring so they get coated with the tasty sauce.

Serve warm and enjoy!
(I guess if you do rice you can serve rice too...although I would suggest something less grain-y and more health-y, like cauliflower rice. :) )

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