Wednesday, May 4, 2011

1770 Isn't So Bad

I spent last weekend reliving the 1770's. Complete with skirt (yeah, don't die of shock on me just yet!), petticoat, apron, etc. Yeah. It was a sight to behold.

I really did have a good time. Of course, we had a GINORMOUS tent. 20' X 36'
The center was the 'common' room and either end had two sets of 'room's.'
There were three couples and two kids occupying the rooms. We had two game tables, poker, dominoes, dice and cards. Fine china, screwdrivers & mimosa's. Oriental rugs on the floor and we even had a silver 5-candlestick table candelabra sit-down dinner for 18.

It was LOADS of fun.

What I thought fabulous was that the night we had the formal dinner, we also had a 'get-together.' Basically, we were the biggest tent in town and everyone came to us with their drink bottles to pass and stories to tell....Rain didn't stop our good time. Someone played the guitar, another the fiddle, spoons and some other instrument I could not even begin to tell you what it was. Laughter, gaiety and comraderie....But the get-together is not the best part.

I wake up early. I always have. It must have been around 0530 or 6am, late for me but seriously, I could not hold my pee any longer. So I got up and got dressed for the trek to the porta-johns. As I return, all hunched over, huddling my arms to my chest for warmth, the 'neighbor' says,

"I like your sign.'


"I like your sign" he says again.

Confused, only half from being so early and frigidly cold I reply, 'I have no idea what you're talking about.'

And he points to a spot behind me....and what do I see?

"Awesome!" I reply. And laughed the rest of the day. :)

Just a few more pics of the weekend:


  1. That looks like an absolute blast!

  2. Wow... this thing is like the Beverly Hillbillies mansion of tents!