Sunday, February 26, 2012

Wonderous Wands

This is a first try- so now I know what to do differently, and better.

I really really want to make one that looks really cool. So I figured I would have to make around five or so before I get all the kinks out of the design process. In the meantime, here's the players:

Wooden Dowels
Sand paper
Sander (I used orbital, but if you own a belt sander, use that!)
Paint brushes
Scrap fabric
Hot glue
Glue gun

The process is pretty simple. Take your dowel:

Then sand, sand, sand, and sand some more....

Until you get it how you want it......

Then soak some string in white glue and attach around the dowel.....

Then paint it black........

Then go over it with brown...and a touch of red/brown (or tan if you prefer).....

Then add your fabric to the handle end using white glue...

Using hot glue, further attach the string and fabric, smoothing out the glue with the tip of the glue gun, and make sure you touch up the paint...and when you're done....Voila!


  1. For some reason, I was thinking a damaged drumstick would speed your project along.

    Mike the EE

  2. Heh- You might be right! I've also thought about finding a stick outside that might do the trick.