Friday, February 1, 2013

February, Already?

It seems like January just flew by, didn't it? I mean, it came out of nowhere, side-swiped everyone and took off! Didn't even leave a number. Wow.
Well, besides starting back to school, I did manage to make a cute Valentine's Day decoration. Grau and I don't celebrate VD because well, it's crap. Always has been. Some made-up holiday to get people to buy chocolate (who needs a reason??) and sappy love cards. Eww and ick. To us, if you love your partner, you show them every day. You don't need a day of the year dedicated to your love. The whole year is about each other. Crafting for the holiday is something else altogether! I love a good craft!

Do the crafts! They're cute. This year, my craft involved the children. All five of them. (Not them personally, but their names.) I can't show you the actual one I made because well, I just don't put the kids' real names on here, but I can show you a picture of where I got the idea!

Pinterest- where I spend a LOT of my free time. I'm always looking for new things to do for every holiday. I have over 500 followers now. (I can't believe that, either!) My decoration has a plain red ribbon with gold trim on the edges, and I have five hearts- green, purple, blue, pink and yellow. Grau's two boys and my three, with Girlie going in pink in the middle. It's adorable!

And now it's on to St. Patrick's Day....which *is* a holiday because I am Irish!

UPDATE: 1-18-2016 My Pinterest followers exceeds 3500

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