Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Christmas is 15 Weeks Away!

15 weeks away, or 3.75 months from now...
15 Friday paychecks away. Or
8 bi-weekly paychecks or
7 twice-a-month paychecks away.

In other words...it's CLOSE!

And just starting FT at my current job with my first FT paycheck in the middle of October....let's just say that it's a hand-made Christmas this year.

Because I must mail 90% of my presents.
Take them with me (a month early) when I visit for Thanksgiving.

Either way...my butt better get in gear.

I have ideas....now to put them in motion...

So, what are YOU doing for Christmas?


  1. Yay! I have mermaid blankets I'm a little behind in working on for the girls & haha So sorry I asked for an order for Christmas myself. lol I need to read the directions & we need to do some lunch time crafts. lol