Saturday, July 31, 2010

No Poo Update

How fitting...I log on to post an update on the no poo experiment, and there's a commercial for a 'no sulfate, good for your hair, gentle shampoo.' Yeah, like that's gonna happen.

Most people do not realize that soaps and shampoos are more along the lines of detergents. Check out the ingredients...match them with your laundry soap. Seriously.

Anyway- so today is day six, having started last Monday. A few things I have noticed:

  • My hair does not smell like vinegar. A big plus.
  • My scalp feels better. Must be because I massage the baking soda into my scalp. It's like a mini-therapy session for my head.
  • It's better to mix the vinegar with your shower's warmer.
  • Hair feels thicker, yet lighter at the same time. I guess because it is not being weighted down with wax and chemicals.
  • I'm having a slight dryness problem. But instructions mentioned if this happened, decrease the amount of vinegar or add a drop or two of honey to the vinegar rinse. Instead, I have used one drop of argan oil after I blow dry to combat the dryness. Plus side to argan oil is it smells great.
  • I increased the amount of water I mix with the baking soda. Because as soon as you put the baking soda on your head, your scalp soaks up the water making it harder to massage the baking soda into your scalp. So, I don't necessarily use a paste of soda and water...more like a very liquid creme. It definitely works better.
  • My hair is LONG. So getting the vinegar rinse only on the ends is not that difficult, but I still found pouring it over my hair and avoiding the scalp works best.
  • My hair stays cleaner, longer.
  • It holds style longer.
  • It is softer, with the exception of the very ends which are dryer. I definitely need to trim the ends, anyway.

So far, I think the experiment is working very well. And cheap! Holy can purchase baking soda for pennies! And a little goes a long way. Apple Cider Vinegar? Cheap, too.
I also want to know how long before my body (scalp) starts creating its own oils, instead of being stripped away by conventional shampoos and conditioners. I would say my hair is healthier. But I am still going to keep this up for another two weeks or so. I want to see how my hair fares in the long term.

My next experiment? Mixing olive oil and cinnamon together for a natural hair dye. I have red/brown hair. So this should be an interesting experiment, too.

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  1. olive oil and cinnamon... interesting. I would like to know how that turns out.