Friday, July 1, 2011

Hot Flash in the Pan

I thought it a fluke. Last week, Grau and I are walking through Wally World (I hate it to begin with, but it was a necessary evil) and we are trying to get in and out quickly.
Then, suddenly, someone turned up the heat in the fruit and vegetable section.

I swear they were trying to grow new vegetables. A hot house has nothing on the veggie section in Wally World. So I head to the cheese section. I need cheese....

...and cool air. We enter the refrigerated section and I hear some young 20 something say, 'Let's get out of here, it's cold!'
I just stared at her. It wasn't cold. Antarctica is cold. The refrigerated section at Wally World is NOT. Or so I thought.

Grau is laughing at me. I'm trying to stick my head into the was Africa hot. *I* was Africa hot.

About 15 minutes later, things cool down. I feel better.

Yesterday, again in Wally world....I feel the heat creeping up....I head to the refrigerated section (see a pattern here??). Grau tells me I am flushed. He touches my arm...I am radiating heat.

I decided we needed Popsicles. RIGHT NOW. We get the rest of our things and go through the quick checkout and before we ever leave the checkout line, I have a banana popsicle in my mouth.

We get home and Grau puts an ice cube down my shirt. It wasn't cold. AT ALL. He rubs it around my back, the back of my neck, etc. It melts. I'm not any cooler....

Ugh. I think I'm going to hate hot flashes.

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