Friday, November 18, 2011

Syrup the Light Fantastic

Ok, so that title was corny. I know. It sounded good when I wrote it though. Hey! Don't judge me!

I've been experimenting with making syrups. I first started with Lime syrup. Yeah, sounds weird, but it makes a great limeade! Seriously. So much so, that I wanted to know if I could make a Cranberry Lime syrup....and....

Yes, Yes I can. And it doesn't taste that bad, either! Not up to Sonic level, but close. Yes, I know it's hard to see. I had to hold it up to the light because the bottle is green. Trust me. That's pure red gold in there.

Next I tried making Vanilla syrup. And guess what?....

I can!
This one was even easier. But I did figure out that I should really de-seed the vanilla bean before I boil it. Otherwise, you end up with really large chunks of seeds stuck together. It still tastes great. As Grau's youngerspawn exclaimed, 'That's fantastic!'
So I guess it was a hit.

Then I got the urge to make soap. Not the really cool cold-process soap I want to make, but the glycerin-melt-it-in-the-micro kind of kid soap so youngerspawn can draw on the tub walls.

Youngerspawn was a little disappointed they didn't come out looking like crayons. So I told him in the morning we would cut them into skinny rectangles and he can have squared crayons in the tub. He was cool with it.

Tomorrow, we make wooden bracelets out of Popsicle sticks adn I try my hand at making Hazelnut syrup. Although I think I will label it Filbert Syrup and see if anyone notices.

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