Saturday, November 26, 2011


So much for my not posting on FB. I had to comment and update my status.

RIP TK. Oct 20, 1998 - Nov 25, 2011.
A beautiful son, the youngest child of my friend T's four kids, died yesterday. He was in middle school. Unruly blond hair, blue eyed daredevil. Energetic and excited, he was a force of nature.
A wrestler, a hiker, a video game player. TK always had a smile on his face and energy to burn. A close-knit family full of activity, love and laughter, this has brought them to their knees.

TK went missing yesterday around 2pm. They were posting on FB 'if you've seen him please call...'
Around 6pm last night, they found his body, lying inert next to the neighbors ac unit. He had been huffing freon. His 14 yr old brother now blames himself because he said he knew, but didn't try to stop him or tell anyone.

My friend T just buried her father in June. In July, their 14 yr old had to be rushed to the hospital (diabetes) as they were hiking the Grand Canyon. Now, this.

I cannot imagine losing a loved one, but losing a child? Unthinkable. My brain cannot even comprehend the agony. Doesn't want to comprehend the pain.
I have no idea what it's like being a father, but I KNOW what it's like to grow someone inside of you and then give birth to them. There's a bond that can never be broken. A love that is above all else. A child, born from your womb, attached to you, part of you, breathing with you in a symbiotic relationship for nine months.
The birth is not just physical pain. It's the pain of separation. Invisible- An emotional bond being severed only to be replaced by intense pride and admiration of the being you've created the moment you hear the first cry.

Gone. In an instant. The pain must be 1000 times worse as you've had even more time to love your creation and watch them grow.

TK will forever be 13 years old. And the person/kid that taught him to huff freon should be forced to attend the funeral.
Never in a million years would I have thought this could happen to this happy, loving family. But it did. The reasons are unknown and may never be known. I just know my heart goes out to them.

I wish them strong shoes.


  1. That is so awful! Holy crap. I don't even know what to say...

  2. I've changed the dates. He was 13, not 11. When I moved, he was 11. I guess I thought he would stay that way.