Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Freecycle Rocks

My daughter, Girlie, and her BF text me the other day asking what I wanted for Christmas. I was at a loss for two reasons- 1) she's never really asked before and 2) I didn't have a clue.
I'm not materialistic like my ex thinks. I don't like shopping. I *hate* Wal-Mart (for several reasons on many different levels). I will avoid the mall like the plague.

My needs are few. I prefer making things myself rather than buying them. It's not only (usually) cheaper, but it's the knowledge I seek and then there's the pride in making something yourself.

My wants are much larger.
I want a set of hard anodized cookware that is oven safe like the COOKS brand from JCP. I would prefer it be oven safe to 500, but 350 works. I just don't have $200+ to spend on cookware.
I want to learn how to make shoes. I'm having a hard time understanding the book I bought to teach myself, and I cannot afford the $900 (1-day) class in Chicago.
I want to make cold-process soap.
I want to have an herb garden but I lack the space needed.
I want to make cheese with Grau.
I want to make our own spaghetti sauce and can other vegetables and items. But we do not have a pressure canner.
I want to grind our own wheat, but need a grinder.
I want to make my own lip balm. But finding a local supplier for empty tubes is nearly impossible.
I want to make my own hand cream. Ditto above.

So, what did I tell my daughter I wanted? A candle. Which I do. It's from Diamond Candles and I've never had one. I'm curious. And who doesn't like the idea of possibly getting a $5,000 ring in your candle?
I also told her BF we wanted Rennet, so we can make cheese.

And guess what popped up in my email this morning? A Freecycle give-away for 5 boxes of Rennet! And the giver picked me to give them to- I pick them up this afternoon. I'm so excited! It's not the liquid, but that's okay. It's still rennet and that's good enough for me.

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