Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Hand Lotion Experiment

I've been into making things myself lately. I've made liquid hand soap (and the adapted mason jar it's contained in), liquid laundry soap, powder laundry soap, Vanilla syrup, lime syrup (great for making limeades!), deodorant (it's still curing so I have no idea if pits will stay fresh!), candles, kids (writing) glycerin soap, vanilla sugar, and so much more.
This doesn't include the experiments in the kitchen with food....but we won't go into that.

My latest endeavor is hand lotion.
It came out like it was supposed to. But I do not like the feel....it's too.....greasy. Maybe that's not the right word. Too oily. After all, it is an organic lotion, no preservatives and made with olive oil.
I do think the next time I attempt this, I will use less olive oil and more beeswax.
For now- this is what I used:

1 cup Olive Oil
2 ozs beeswax
 (I used whole/shredded but you can use the beads)
1/2 cup coconut oil
5 capsules Vitamin E
Essential oils
(I used Tangerine & Spikenard)

 Measure out your ingredients and have them at the ready. 
Then, put olive oil, coconut oil and beeswax in glass container (I used the one I planned to keep the lotion in- a pint mason jar). 
Put the jar in a pot filled with water.  
Be careful not to get water in the mason jar.

Use a medium heat to melt the oils & wax together, then remove the jar from the pot of water.

Allow mixture to cool, stirring every 10- 15 minutes or so. 
I used a fork but you could use a spoon if you wanted.
Once cooled and turning a milky color, add in your essential oils (I used 40 drops tangerine and 40 of spikenard, but I like a strong smell!).
Then add in your Vitamin E by splitting each pill open and squeezing the oil into the lotion.
Mix well. 
Put the lid on and keep in the fridge.
That's it. It's easy and simple.
Again, I didn't like how oily my skin looked when I put it on, but it did moisturize nicely and the oily-ness (is that a word?) went away after 15 minutes or so.

Like I said, next time, I think I will use 3/4 cup olive oil and increase the beeswax to 4 or 5 ozs. 
I'll let you know how that experiment goes.

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