Friday, August 31, 2012

Purebred DORKcat Proof

See that little red dot next to his eye? Yeah....his eye is swollen shut.
You see, I had to take Askhim to the vet yesterday (another bill, yay). I noticed on Wednesday that Askhim wasn't really opening his left eye. It looked as if he was perpetually being woke up in a groggy or drunken state.  By Wednesday evening, his eye was swollen shut.

Thursday morning I make an appointment for the vet and take him in.

Yeah......Doc checked and there is no corneal scratch. YAY! Just a big arsed bruise and localized swelling of the eye. Doc asked what happened?

Honestly, I don't know. But Grau told me three or four days ago, Askhim was racing 'daddy' up the stairs (like he does every night) except this time, daddy almost had the jump on him so Askhim kicked it into high gear....looking back to see where daddy was.....and ran smack dab into the stairs. With his face.

Grau said he actually sat down and shook his head.

Doc said in his 48 years of practice, he's never seen a bruise that big on a cat's eye- at least, not self-inflicted.

I had to tell him about the time Askhim ran into the living room window....

You see, there's a reason we call him DORK cat. This proves it.

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