Sunday, August 5, 2012

Make It Homemade. Make it Frugal.

I started wondering just how many things I make to avoid spending gobs of money at the store. I mean, I would rather spend my hard-earned money on things I *want* not on things I need.  Okay- yes, I spend it on things needed, too- like gas, and electricity and food. But only because they are needed.

What if you could make something at home instead of buying the higher-priced item from the store?
Wouldn't you then free-up some cash for other things? With that in mind, I decided to write down everything I make at home. Some items may seem cost prohibitive at first, but once the initial ingredients are bought, you get a lot of bang for your buck and your dollar stretches a lot further.

Without further ado- here is a list of things I make at home. And if I posted about it, I'll try to include the link:

1. Laundry Soap
2. Fabric Softener
3. Ranch Power
4. Italian Powder
5. Bath Soap 'Crayons'
6. Liquid Hand Soap
7. Mosquito Repellent
8. Lip Gloss
9. Deodorant
10. Pancake/Baking mix
11. Jam/Jelly
12. Mozzarella Cheese
13. Taco Seasoning
14. Mustard
15. Ketchup
16. Vanilla Syrup
17. Vanilla Extract
18. Vanilla Sugar
19. Tomato Paste
20. Baked Beans
21. Lime Syrup
22. Raspberry Syrup
23. Chicken Broth
24. Ranch Snack Crackers
25. Christmas Ornaments
26. Chalk
27. Vapor Shower Discs
28. Pine Cone Color Fire Starters
29. Craft Clay
30. Cleaning Wipes
31. Mac-N-Cheese
32. Body/Hand Lotion
33. Yogurt
34. Tomato/Spaghetti Sauce
35. Dishwasher Soap
36. Herbal Bath Bags
37. Scented Wall Plug-Ins (like Wallflowers)
38. Pumpkin Spice Body Scrub
39. Pore Strips

I can't think of any more at the moment. And when I get another free minute, I'll try to add the links to posted tutorials that I may have missed.

So- is there anything you make and can I have your recipe for it? :)

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