Sunday, November 22, 2015

Easy Cinnamon Roasted Nuts at Home

I have been making these for a while....well, since I became extremely frugal and hated paying $5 for a small cone of them at ren fairs or the mall.

And let me tell you, these things are addictive!

The flavor variations are endless. You can do what I'm showing you here. Or you can do hot...and add cayenne....mmmm... or do a nutmeg/allspice blend for a twist on traditional flavors.

Doesn't that look just darn tasty? Ohhh, the crunchy sweet goodness and cinnamon love!

Seriously, these are so easy to make you will wonder why you ever bought them in the first place.
What do you need to make them? Nothing more than cinnamon, sugar, nuts (whatever kind you prefer or a mix), parchment paper and a pan and spatula (I use a wooden spatula). That's it.

The amount of sugar depends on how much you're going to make....general rule of thumb I use is 1/4 cup sugar for one pan of nuts. You can adjust this as you go along, as you'll see in my video. I cook by feel, so my measurements are estimates, usually. The amount of cinnamon can vary, but I use about a 1/4 tsp for each pan of nuts. You can add more or less to your taste.  You'll need to spread out parchment paper to put the nuts when they come out of the hot pan.

Here's a printed version recipe I use:

Cinnamon Roasted Nuts

1/4 cup sugar
1/4 tsp cinnamon
1 pan of nuts (about 2 cups)
Parchment paper
Spatula or wooden spoon
Frying pan.

Put nuts in pan, make sure it covers the bottom of the pan in approximately a single layer (in other words, not going up the sides of the pan).
Remove nuts from pan. Turn on the heat to heat up the pan.
Add sugar.
When it starts to melt, stir with wooden spoon and add cinnamon.
Add the nuts, stirring to coat them in the liquefying sugar.
Stir about a minute to two minutes longer....making sure to keep the nuts moving so they (nuts and sugar) don't burn.
Turn off the heat.
Pour hot nuts onto parchment paper and flatten out with wooden spoon.
When cool, break them up by hand.
Place in covered container to retain freshness....but honestly., mine don't last long enough to worry about freshness.

And without further's my video. Two minutes and done. Seriously silly easy.
Go forth and make easy cinnamon roasted nuts. You won't be able to stop eating them, so buy a lot of nuts!

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