Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Soup Nazi

I have a love affair with soup. I just love it. Really, I do. And not those wimpy, brothy soups. No. I love the full-bodied, hearty soups. You know the kind...they add pounds just by looking at them? Yeah, *that* kind of soup. Oh, I made a potato soup the other day...to die for! Really. Rich and creamy and full of so many calories my ass got bigger while I was making it. It was simple to make, too. Just a little chicken broth to boil the taters in, add some chopped onion, when soft, add cream cheese and blend. Yeah, heavenly! Serve it in a bread bowl with bacon and shredded cheddar and you might as well call the heart surgeon.

In the past six weeks, I have made not only potato soup, but also Mulligatawny soup, taco soup, white bean garlic soup, chicken noodle soup, and chili.

So why am I the soup nazi? I'm on a diet. Yes, I said the die word. Shoot me, m'kay? And tonight I made another batch (albeit a half batch this time) of potato soup because my Grau likes it. So to summize- I am making a soup I love but cannot eat. No Soup for me!

Grau took taco soup to work for dinner tonight. (I freeze leftover soup in individual containers for his lunches and general ease of quick eating!) We also had some leftover bread bowls. He took the last one with him tonight. I just got a text that read, 'Taco soup =good. Taco soup w/sweet corn mixed in it in a bread bowl= teh awesome!'

Why do I do this to myself? I've often wondered why I cook things I cannot eat. I've come to the conclusion it is because I chose to be on the diet. No one forced me. So why should I quit doing the things I would normally do? Besides, if I don't cook, Grau may wither away. :-)
Okay, so that is a stretch. But I do continue to cook for him because I like to make him happy. And I like to cook. It's a win-win. Winter seems to lend itself to hearty, warm soups and loaves of bread.

Unfortunately, No Soup For Me!
At least, not for another 10 days. That's when I go off my diet for the following three weeks. (Three on, three off)

So, go make yourself a nice hearty bowl of soup. I suggest the Mulligatawny. It's fantastic!

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