Monday, January 17, 2011

Still on the Organic Train

I have never really liked chemicals much. As a teen, I would put anything in my hair I thought would make it do what I wanted. That includes lemon juice. So, while I dye my hair (and don't give me a lecture about chemicals in dye) I try to keep everything else, chemical-wise, to a minimum. I choose a color close to my natural color and I've stuck with it for years now. Besides, if I tried pulling all the grey, I'd have no hair left! As I get older, the less chemicals I use, the better. There are two main reasons for this.

One- it's cheaper to use what you have. I mean,if there is an alternative in your kitchen cabinet, why not use it?

Two- Chemicals mimic the organics. They may work better, or quicker, but they are still chemicals. How much 'natural' mimicking can they really be/do?

I went into the salon a couple days ago. My hair needed trimming and I loathe to try to cut straight in the back of my head. My bangs? Yes, I will trim those myself. The back? Yeah, not really a good idea. There were three stylists, two were busy with other customers. I still had to wait a few minutes and while I waited, both stylist looked at me and told me how pretty my hair color was.

Wow. Really? Cool. I politely thanked them and waited on my stylist.

I was really stoked! I love my hair color. Let me rephrase, I love my hair. The color, the style, the texture. I have long straight hair, with a slight wave. I usually blow dry the wave out, then add Argan Oil and let my hair dry the rest of the way naturally. Once a month I use Coconut oil in my hair. That's it. I don't use chemicals (other than my dye), I don't use hair spray, or poufy-gel or pomade or foam. (Now, if only I my new favorite company would sell shampoo, I'd be set!)
The stylist said my hair, for being as long as it is, is in great shape. Most people she sees with hair as long as mine? Yeah, usually dry, brittle and with many a split ends. Mine was almost blissfully free from all that....almost. Hence, the trim.

Not only have I used kitchen ingredients to clear up my acne, I have found that I can use buttermilk and salt to make a pore-reducing face mask. It leaves my face feeling wonderfully tight, smooth and soft. And yes, even my large pores look smaller. I will have to give this little experiment a couple more weeks and report back. So far, so good!

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