Friday, September 9, 2011

Cherry Request

So the BF and I went to his dad's house last Monday. It's been a couple weeks since we stopped and said Hi, so we thought we would.

Of course, we hit a road side farmers market along the way. Found some wonderful bi-color sweet corn and picked up 36 ears. I spent the next day parboiling and freezing corn...but I digress.

So we go to BFdad's, and I give him some of the corn we just picked up. We talk about this and that, and he mentions how much he loves me! He is so excited that BF finally has a happy, loving relationship. (In secret, (meaning when I was not around) BFDad asked BF when we were going to get married....)

It was a good visit, and shortly before we left, BFDad says to me, 'You ever make a cherry pie?'
Me- yes, I have. But not for a while.

BFDad- I like some cherry pie. Man that's good stuff!

Me- okay then. Guess I will find some cherries....

BFDad- Oh, I like cherry pie! But don't go to no trouble just for me....mmmm, I love cherry pie....

And when BF and I got to the car, we laughed....yeah, I love to cook and bake, and I have another admirer....So I am now on the lookout for a great cherry pie recipe. So if you have one...drop me a line. Or message me. Or FB me if you know who I am. :)


  1. I'm just here to say "save me a slice" :-)

  2. Heh...the pie didn't make it two days, from what I hear.
    I guess I'll call that a win.