Friday, December 10, 2010

New Year, No Resolution.

I've been toying with the idea of becoming healthier. I don't mean skinnier, although that will be a fabulous side effect. I mean healthier. I know I am a sugar addict. So I want to cut out sugar, which is actually in more food than you think.

I'm a semi-healthy person now. I rarely get sick (sick). I have allergies. Those suck. I might be getting a bone spur in my left foot. That definitely sucks. If I walk too much, I limp. So running is out, for now. Not that I *could* run, just that it is off the table of possibilities, even if I wanted to.

No, I mean healthier-healthier. Currently, I rarely eat red meat. I prefer chicken to anything else out there, and on the odd occasion I eat red meat my body lets me know immediately. So I am one-up in the meat department. Although I rarely eat fish, either. My motto is, if it comes out of the ocean, chances are, I'm not eating it. Once in a while I get a craving for fried fish, but not often.

I need to eat more vegetables. Unlike Bou who recently had all the vegetables she can handle, I need to increase the amount of veggies in my house. I dislike vegetables. Always have. But I think I need to start trying them again to see if I still dislike them.

I need to increase the amount and varieties of fruit I eat. Quit drinking sugar drinks like soda or fruit juice.

I need to cut out white flour. Switch to whole grain everything. Even add nuts into my daily intake of protein.

So there's my non-resolution for new year. Get healthier. More fruits and vegetables. More whole grain, less sugar and sweet things. Less processed foods. Read labels. Visit the farmer's market here.

And I am not ignorant to believe that I can do all this immediately. No...I will need to do this slowly, one item at a time. I gave up soda two days ago. That's one. Next will be eating more fruit.

I'm like the fat engine that could. I think I can I think I can...and I will. I just told the world...I either will, or I look like an ass. :)

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  1. I decided right before Thanksgiving to do something about my choices. I've lost nearly 11 lbs now... and I'm really watching what I eat.

    I eat a lot of vegies, but right now not any fruit. I'm staying away from anything that says 'tose' on the end.