Monday, December 20, 2010

Windshield Wiper Workout

I have a pet peeve with windshield wipers. I never knew I did. But apparently I do.
Several times over the past couple of months, Grau and I would be be-bopping it down the road to somewhere. It may rain, but more likely snow.

So he turns on the wipers.

But then it stops raining or snowing.

And he doesn't turn off the wipers.

And it goes Squeek.....Squeek....Squeek....across a dry windshield.
It's like nails on a chalkboard to me!

So I remind him to turn them off.

This afternoon, it started snowing. Heavily. And it was wet snow, smashing into the windshield and immediately making little wet spots all over.
Grau's side of the wipers had snow caked onto I could see, but he couldn't.

'Hon, I think you need to snap! your wiper.'

So he opens his window, waits for the wiper and snaps it when it gets close to his outstretched hand.

A few minutes later....he turns off the wipers....or puts them on slow. And I don't mean, slow-intermediate. I mean like the wiper may move once every five minutes slow.

'Hon, are you going to turn on your wipers?'

He looks at me...and I start laughing. Apparently I have a wiper fetish...they must be going just the right speed or I am not happy.
I never knew this about myself until today.

Grau and I decided that wipers need dimmer switches installed...not those click for each level ones they have now. That way, wiper nazi's like myself can be happy and set it to just the right speed.

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