Tuesday, December 7, 2010

To Tree or Not to Tree

For the past couple of weeks, I have wanted a Christmas tree. Bad. When I left the ex, I left all holiday decorations with him. And I do mean ALL. I took none of my beloved halloween decorations or any of the Christmas ones handed down or made by the kids.

I just wanted out.

So the past few weeks, I've been on the 'I want a tree....' band-wagon. But now I am not so sure. What is the tree for, anyway? It's something to decorate, look pretty and place presents under for your loved ones, mostly children.

I don't have my children here. Besides, they are grown up and have their own lives. Grau has his boys, but only one day a week (he works six of seven days a week, every week). For Christmas we will probably have the boys one day, and because Grau will most likely be working the night before, they won't spend Christmas Eve with us.

Which means it will be just Grau and I until he goes to get his boys. And I am okay with that. But I got to thinking about the tree. Why go through so much trouble? We can't afford a good artificial tree, and why spend the money on a real tree when we will also need to buy the stand, ornaments, garland and the like too?

It seems...cost prohibitive, to me. So I think we will go get a small tree I saw in the store...

I think it's perfect! (at least for this year....)

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