Saturday, December 4, 2010

Snow Tears

I love snow. I always have. I guess it comes from growing up in Southern California and only seeing snow when we would take winter vacations in Big Bear. OH! How I loved the cozy 2-story cabin we rented, building a snowman with my brother, hot cocoa and the fireplace.

I still love snow. It started here last night after I went to bed. I woke up this morning to at least three inches on the ground, and it is still snowing. They forecast 4-6 inches. I am in heaven!

And as I sat on the love seat, looking out the window at the gorgeous snow-laden branches of bare leaf trees, grooves in the road caused by the determined soul (or the mailman...), I smile. I smile because snow always takes me back to being a kid. To Big Bear. To snowmen and hot cocoa and cozy warmth and fireplaces.

And suddenly I started to cry. I remembered I used to wake up earlier than everyone else in my house, my kids tucked away, snoring, the then husband just going to bed an hour earlier....and I would wake up... see the snow and get excited...

I would go to the kids, Wake up! Wake up! It's snowing! It snowed last night!

And together the four of us would run to the windows and sigh....suddenly there would be a flurry of activity...pants and coats and three tube socks on each hand and out the door they would go.

One year, we built an igloo in the back yard. We've built snowmen in the front yard, 'brick' walls for snowball fights, snow angels...everything. Everything and anything we could think of, we built together.

And now, my kids.....are grown up. They have their own lives...and their father to whisper in their ear how horrible I was.

Do they remember those mornings? Do they remember how we took an aluminum bread pan to make brick walls? Do they remember trudging out behind grandma's house and cutting down our own Christmas tree? Do they remember using their own hats and gloves on the sickliest looking snowman the year we had only 2" of snow?

I do. And I hope they do, too.

Darn Hallmark Christmas shows... I shouldn't watch them. They make me weepy.

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  1. They remember. Nothing beats playing in snow.

    I still like snow. Don't mind driving in it. Don't even mind clearing it out of the driveway too much, since I have a snowblower.

    But oh, how I have the plow-poop the city trucks leave at the end of my driveway. Usually right after I finish clearing the damn thing.