Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Pinching a penny and making it smell sweet

I like saving money. I like spending it, too. But saving money? Yeah, that's a lot of fun for me. Especially when I can save money on products I use but can make myself.

Today's Penny Pinch comes from the blog Old Centennial Farmhouse. Homemade Fabric Softener. And depending on the conditioner you use, you can specify the scent.
Here's the basics:

Pick your favorite scented hair conditioner, and get a move on! what are you waiting for?

I've also heard, although I haven't tried it yet, that you can take your fabric softener, soak a hand towel in it and let it dry. Then use the hand towel in the dryer. It is reusable and lasts for about 40 loads. Which is what I am going to do because I once had my repairman tell me liquid fabric softener was the worst thing you could do to your washing machine.

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