Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Summer's Over

I started back to school a couple days ago. My first impression of my micro-ec prof was one of the negative nature. But, once class actually started, he seems to 'bloom' and I think I might get to enjoy the class.

I finally looked at my micro-ec homework today. Then decided to take a shot at actually doing it. Because really, why take the class if you're not going to do the work, right?

And there were questions on the homework that I sat there going, WTF? Isn't that a judgement call? How the Hades am I to know why when income increases that sales of guitars increase. There's a bunch of Jimi Hendrix wannabe's out there?

So I did what I always do- I deducted which answers it couldn't be, then picked from the possibilities left to me.

And guess what?

I got a 95.

Yeah. I'm stoked.

And for Algebra? The prof likes me. Well, not in THAT way cause I think he is gay. But as a person, likes me. I will perpetually be late to class because I get out of Micro at 845 and math is at 9am, 20 mins away on another campus. My micro prof said I can leave 5 mins early, and my math prof said I can be 5 mins late, so it works.
On the first day of math class, I walk in and prof says,'There she is! We saved your seat up front!' (which, btw, I have sat in the same place the past two classes I've had with this prof). So I go sit in my usual spot.

Today I come in my usual 5 mins late and Whoops! Someone is in my spot. I was flustered for about 15 seconds, then I just sat in the nearest back seat I could find.

Abotu 10 mins later, one of the other students said, 'Where's Cordovan?' And prof pointed to me in the back. The student says, "Oh! she wasn't in her seat I thought she wasn't here!'

Then the Prof goes to the unknown student sitting in my spot, puts his hands on the desk and says, 'This is Cordovan's seat. It is saved for her.' and then laughs and tells the poor scared guy, 'nah, it's first come first seated.'

But seriously? I hope my seat is open next week. (Thanks gay Math Prof!)

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