Sunday, January 29, 2012

How Richmond's Lunch Prevented Me From Doing Homework

I paused my Word document titled, 'SOTU Rebuttal with Facts' to grab some lunch. Ah, ham., swiss and crusty Italian bread make a great panini.
Lunch finished, I thought I would check FB for just a quick minute (famous last words) and then get back to my SOTU Rebuttal for my liberal, left-wing Business instructor to blow a gasket when I read it aloud in class.

Except, Richmond posted something about today being a bacon cheeseburger kind of day....which lead to me remembering a picture on Pinterest I'd seen earlier of a pig on a cow.

So I went to pinterest to find the picture and post on her FB wall.

Except I couldn't find the picture any longer.

So I went to Google to find the picture.

Except I found many pictures except the one I wanted.

Then I changed my wording and found the picture right away. So I go back to FB to post it.

Only I thought, Richmond may not like me posting that pic to her wall after what happened when she commented on someone else's breakfast choices...(long story).

So I had to go back to find the pic again, and pin it to pinterest myself.

So I did.

Then I went to post it to *my* FB page, but I thought...this will be funnier on my blog.

So I am now blogging about how Richmond's lunch choices led me to remember a picture on Pinterest about a pig on a cow and how I had to find the picture to post it myself to my Pinterest account and then decided to blog about it instead of FB'ing it lead me to not finishing my Business homework.

Do you think my prof will accept the excuse?


  1. And that's the house that Richmond built!

  2. OMG - well hey.... I am here to help!! ;)