Monday, January 30, 2012

Excellent Weekend

I will tell you, I love having a man that loves to do things. I don't mean on his own or only things he likes. No. I mean I have a man that loves to DO things. He thinks of others. He thinks of me. He thinks of things he'd like to do that will be interesting to try, to make, to accomplish. (Did I mention that I woke Sunday morning to a clean kitchen, too? Yeah, *love* that man!)

That is absolutely fascinating and fabulous to me.

Last weekend was awesome. We had the boys- who *love* my cooking- so I made something simple Friday (cheese ravioli) and waited until Sunday to make something a bit more labor intensive (but not difficult). I made Parmesan Chicken Stromboli.

Can I tell you? I made two. And it occurred to me that I should do what I did with my own kids- make a lot of it. I've forgot how much teenage boys can eat.
Olderspawn ate one whole Stromboli himself. I am not kidding. He had firsts, seconds, his brothers, and thirds. Then said it was 'so good, he could eat more!'

So what does the first half of this post have to do with the boys eating?

Grau made mozzarella.  Which I used in the Stromboli. OMG! It was fabulous. It tasted fabulous- was nice and stringy and melty and gooey. Perfect.

As for doing things...We went through the park Saturday night to view the winners and other entrants in the snow sculpting contest. A nice leisurely drive through the park and back home again.

Oh- and Grau and I went to the farm last Friday afternoon and picked up eggs and raw milk- which he used to make the mozzarella. Grau decided earlier last week that we should get milk and eggs for his 'other mother,' so we did. We dropped it off last night. His 'other mother' is a wonderful woman I have enjoyed getting to know. Anyway- she has bees, and gave us a quart of honey. Wow. A quart of pure honey. Not the processed kind you get at the store.
I tried it when we got home and it is wonderful! Sweeter than the store bought kind, yet it has a cleaner taste.

Yup. A total WIN of a weekend!


  1. hubby has been brewing beer
    i want to start making cheese
    also... santa brought us a charcuterie book...

  2. Okay- I'm going to have to go look up charcuterie....I have no idea what that is.

    How's the beer turning out?