Thursday, January 19, 2012

Random Love Letter

To my love-
I love so many things about you.

I love how you leave the last cracker for me. Or the last piece of bread. Or the last anything.
I love how you will go to the store- for milk. For tampons. For bread. For chocolate. Whatever I ask for.
I love your smart, quick wit.
I love how you look at me when my hair is a mess.
I love that you ask for a honey-do list.
I love that you leave me love notes.
Or bring me chocolate.
Or club soda.
Or Wendy's.
I love that you work hard with your hands AND your brain.
I love that you love your kids.
I love that you accept mine.
I love that you hate to see me in pain.
And do whatever you can to help.
I love that we are partners in our relationship. Making decisions together.
I love that you will give me your coat when I stubbornly refuse to wear mine.
I love how you block the cold wind for me.
And how you laugh at me when I park Baby at the end of the aisle.
I love that you like to go to bookstores.
And antique stores.
And the forest preserve.
I love how you learn new things constantly.
And share them with me.
I love that you always tell me the truth.
No matter what.
I love how you try to be as gentle as possible when you disagree with me.
I love how you care about my feelings and treat me as an equal.
I love that you are my teddy bear.
And how you will fiercely protect me.
With deadly force if necessary.
I love how I feel when I am with you. Safe. Protected. Loved. Cherished.
Yet independent.

So, if I should die before you, I just wanted to let you know-
How much your love means to me. I've never had a partner that treats me with as much respect and caring as you do. I am forever grateful. And in awe. And in love.


  1. That's a good list of attributes for any relationship, or a nice set of goals for someone to attain.