Thursday, June 21, 2012

Halloween Silhouettes DIY

Around June or July every year, I get the craft bug. And not just any craft bug. The Halloween craft bug. I want to make things to decorate for my favorite holiday of the year.

One year, I made gravestones.
Another, I made witch's legs. (I need to do this again as I've lost my legs (ha ha) when I moved.)
I've made Black Cat signs.

And so on and so forth.
This year, I decided to make three signs. All silhouettes. For Halloween.
Super simple and easy- you can do it, too!

Three wooden plaques from Hobby Lobby (Gosh I love that store!!)
White and Black paint
Images to trace

Simply cut out your image and lay it on the wooden plaque. Trace around it. I enlarged my images to fit my plaques by tracing about a 1/2" out from the edge of the image.

I don't know why I don't have a pic of this step- but you basically paint the background white, the edges black, and then the traced image you paint in black.

Touch up where necessary. As you can see in this photo, I still have some touch-up to do (mostly on the cat). Don't worry if it's not perfect. From a distance, no one can see what you think is a mistake!

Add a picture hanger thingamajiggy (that's the technical term) to the back and hang your masterpiece. It's that simple.

I do think I'm going to make more gravestones this year. They are fun to do and I recently found my wood-burning tool which is great for 'carving' names and dates onto the Styrofoam. If I do make more, I will post pics for those of you interested.


  1. Very cute! And may I just say WOW you are organized if you're starting on Halloween decor already!

  2. I am an organizer! LOL More like OCD...but 'organizer' sounds more friendly, doesn't it? :)