Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Pesto Kielbasa Pasta

Go ahead- say that three times fast! Pesto Kielbasa Pasta, Pesto Kielbasa Pasta, Pesto...oh whatever. You get the idea.

I ran across this recipe while surfing the interwebs a few weeks ago. It seemed simple enough but you know me, let's find a simplier way, right?
The original recipe called for added basil, and some oregano, garlic powder and salt & pepper. I thought? Why go through all that trouble? So I made it easier, and slightly healthier, too. Because you know I'm all about the healthy (ok, quit laughing....).

What makes this dish so perfect is you use ONE POT. It's literally a three ingredient, one pot perfection. Seriously. I took this dish to a get-together at friends and everyone kept asking for the recipe. It's *that* good.

What you need:

Pesto Kielbasa Pasta

1 Box Barilla Whole Wheat Penne Pasta (don't skimp! Get the Barilla. You'll be glad you did. Cheap wheat pastas tastes like they had dirt rubbed into them. Not the Barilla!)
1  6oz jar Traditional Basil Pesto
1 lb Polska Kielbasa sliced into 1/4" diagonal pieces.

That's it.
First, cook your pasta al dente, then drain.

Using the same pot (I used my high-sided frying pan for this dish), I added the kielbasa and cooked until almost blackened on a few (I think it adds flavor!)

Mix your pasta back in with your kielbasa, no need to drain the kielbasa.

Add the jar of pesto and mix in well.

Serve your masterpiece! Seriously. It's done. Go eat. I'll wait.....da dee dum dum da dee dum......Done? Good, how was it? Fabulous, I know, right?
You can thank me later.

It's later....where's my thanks? Oh, you ate it? Good. That works just as well for me.
Quick, simple, easy, fabulously tasty dinner. Yay!

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