Friday, May 23, 2014

Easy Garden Hose Wreaths

I had a 50' garden hose that didn't fit in my little garden hose reel bucket thingy (that's the technical term). So I thought about throwing the hose away, being as space is at a premium where I live.
Then I thought, why would I throw out a perfectly good hose? Why not cut it up instead?
So I did.

I managed to get about seven (7) fairly good and equal lengths of hose out of that one 50'er.
Then I went to the dollar store and started buying little garden accessories like seed packets, plastic trowels, takes, etc. I purchased raffia from the craft store, and I already had e6000 and hot glue. I was good to go.

So this is what I had to work with:
Only one piece of the hose is showing. Ever try getting seven pieces of cut up hose in one photo?

It's prettier in person. My concrete basement wall does not do it justice. Nor does my crappy iphone camera.

Close up of a bird in the hand

I used the rake as the hanger

is worth two in the....trowel?
bouncy butterfly

Flake flowers, and real seeds

 And that's it. That's all I did. I circled the hose, e6000 it together, with hot glue as the quick clue holding it in place until the e6000 dried. Then I placed the various pieces of decor around until I thought it looked good, then did the same thing, e6000 in place, hot glue for quick stick.
That's it. It's that quick and that easy. I think I had the hardest time cutting the hose. Those suckers are thick!

Well, good luck with your garden hose craft project!

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