Sunday, June 26, 2016

Drastic Plastic...a way to contain the mess within.

Everyone has plastic bags in a bag, right? Or is it just me?  I used to have one of those rectangular kitchen bags with elastic at the top and bottom for holding the bags....but the elastic was no match for the sheer number of bags I kept stuffing into that thing!

Honestly, plastic bags are bulky. But they are good for so many different things.
I use them to line my small bathroom trashcans. Or to iron together to make plastic 'cloth'. I haven't yet, but I hope to try to make a plastic rug out of them one day. One day.

In the mean time, my kitchen plastic bag holder went kaput. I have plastic bags in a plastic bag hanging on the rack near the back door for some time now. NO MORE!

Yes, I'm a nerd. Or a geek if you prefer. But seriously, 42 bags in a nut container? Wow! Talk about saving space. I thought about using a large plastic pickle jar...but I don't eat pickles so I don't have a plastic jar. Of course if I did, it would absolutely be holding plastic bags...and I would decorate it, too. Maybe wrap it with some contact paper? The possibilities are endless.

I've seen videos of how people roll the bags so they fit into something like a wet ones container. Which is great....for your car. But in the house? What do you do with all the bags you got from this week's shopping? Open up the container and re-roll it again? Gah! No. Too much work for me.

This is the perfect way to store plastic bags. You can save them for future use (like me in my bathroom trashcans). You can save them for crafts (like ironing them to make 'fabric'). You can store them until you are ready to take them to a recycling place...and by storing this many in a small container, you can store more containers and take one big trip to the recycling center. I bet you're wondering how I got 42 bags in this small jar?
Well, let me tell you...

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